Ladies of the Night Regatta

Ladies of the Night 2014 - 013The ladies are back! Watch out!

Huguenot Yacht Club is hosting our 2nd Ladies of the Night Race on Friday, August 7 at 6:30 pm. The purpose of this race is to provide a fun event that helps women sailors practice, learn and enjoy the sport of sailboat racing and to gain confidence and become more comfortable sailing. The race requires a woman at the helm from start to finish. Multiple women may take turns at the helm.

This race will use a Pursuit Start format to make the start less nerve-wracking and encourage participation by new or less experienced racers. With a Pursuit Start the slowest boat starts first and the faster boats start later based on how much time they owe the slowest boat over the 4 or 5 mile course. This way there is only one boat on the starting line at a time, unless there is another boat with the exact same rating.
If you have any questions, please email the Regatta Committee at or call Ken MacArtney at (914) 548-8119 (mobile)

Don’t miss this fantastic event. We are encouraging matching outfits, singing and revelry to push us over the finish line.

The race will be followed with awards and dinner at HYC (prizes will be given for best dressed, most power boaters on a boat, and of course most ladies on board).

LOTN Entry Form    LOTN Sailing instructions

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