5th Ralph Puma Fishing Tournament

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.50.01 PMOn Saturday, June 10th, HYC fishermen got ready for the “5th Annual Ralph Puma Classic”. 

Eight boats were tuned and gassed up. Rods were rigged and the bait was in the fish wells. Crews were ready, and off they went ‘into the wild blue yonder’.

The rules were simple: 6 adults to a boat, and every boat had to be back under the bridge by 3:00pm (any later, and they would have to forfeit). 

There were 3 prizes, one for each of the following categories:
1. Largest Striped Bass
2. Largest Bluefish
3. Other fish category

Angler Chair, Frank “Ching” and his committee met in the club house at 6:30am, to make ham and egg sandwiches for the hungry captains and their crew. After breakfast, they left the dock by 8am and headed to their favorite secret fishing holes. Some went north, some south. Others went to the bridges or towards Long Island, Pea Island, Stamford or Rye. Some anchored, some trolled, and everyone was “gung ho” to get the “BIG ONE”. 

All boats were in by 3:00pm. The committee weighed the fish and announced the winners of each category. Some of the stories of the fish-that-got-away were real whoppers! At the barbecue that followed, the Anglers were bragging about who caught the most fish, who caught the big one that got away. Lisa claims that the big one jumped off her line and almost landed in her lap. On the boat “Lunch” the crew stated that they got at least 15 Sea Robins, big enough to win the prize for the “Other category, but they released them all and lost the honor.

The winners were announced. On “Perfectly Frank”, Angler Danny caught the largest Striped bass weighing in 21lbs 17oz. He had fierce competition because Angler Tom, caught a Striped Bass on “Reel Additions”  weighing  21lbs 15oz. WOW—that was close!!!

Even though Tom did not win the prize for the largest Striped Bass, he did win for the largest Bluefish, which weighed 7lbs 8oz. It did not matter who won, because every angler had a great time and came back with great fish tales. 

Don’t forget to look for the upcoming Fall Fishing Tournament date. Sign up so you can tell your “Fish Story” or win the prize for the biggest fish! 

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