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As the third oldest club on Long Island Sound, HYC has a long history promoting sailing. It was a founding member of US Sailing, The YRALIS, and The Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Sound.

HYC continues this legacy by hosting several regattas throughout the season that invite other Long Island Sound sailors to participate. The parties afterward are full of fun and laughter. Everyone gets to share his or her stories of mishaps or victory. The HYC Junior Sailing program is active in all other YRALIS participating club races encouraging sportsmanship for the next generation. Sailing continues throughout the winter with a very active Frostbiting fleet that meets every Sunday.

The Racing Committee is looking for volunteers
to help out with club races for the 2017 season

Most sailboat racing is run by yacht clubs like Huguenot YC, and rely almost entirely on volunteers to provide their race management. No one person can run a good race or series. It takes a good team. Each member of the race committee team has an important role to play.

Just what is a race committee? The term “race committee” includes any person or group that is in charge of “managing” a sailboat race. This includes everything from writing the sailing instructions to actually running the race. Responsibilities include the Committee Boat Operator, Wind Reader, Mark Setter, Spotter/Recorder, Line Sighter, Scorer, Sounder, Signaler, and a Principal Race Officer (PRO) who is the chief executive of the committee.  Often these jobs are combined for only three or four volunteers.

What skills are required? Teamwork, ability to focus on a specific role or task, ability to follow instructions, and the ability to adjust quickly to changes.

Do, I need to know anything about sailboat racing, or even sailing? No, but it makes if more interesting if you do!  Many other yachting skills, such as motorboat experience, local knowledge, the ability to read a compass, anchoring, knot tying, and GPS knowledge are also useful as part of the team.

Join the Race Committee Team! What are the rewards? Being out on the water, and important role in an exciting club event, working as part of a team, satisfaction of a job well done, and action, fun, and new friends. Occasionally tangible awards of appreciation are presented to the Race Committee team members.

How can I volunteer? Later this Spring we plan to have an informal dinner for anyone who is interested in participating (date TBA) By attending, you will not be committed to joining. The goal of this dinner is to give us the opportunity to share our experiences, to answer questions you may have, meet others who are involved, and if you are so inclined, sign up for different days. The dinner is not mandatory and you can volunteer to the race committee any time during the Summer.

credits: portions of text from JtRCT!, US Sailng, 2013

Please contact racing at huguenotyc.com (replace “at” with the @ symbol)

We Need Volunteers for the following races

  • July 8-9 Expressly for Fun
  • July 14 Ladies of the Night Regatta
  • July 13 & August 10 HYC Junior Sailing Regattas
  • August 12 Mayors’ Cup
  • September 17 Commodore’s Cup
  • November 25 Turkey Day Reach
  • May 11-September 7 The occasional Thursday night race for the Can One EveningSeries

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