Captain’s Cook-Off

P1120705On Thursday May 4th the second “El Capitano Captains Cut Cook Off”,  attended by 57 members, was held. The turn out was overwhelming, as everyone was tasting, eating, drinking, mingling and watching the Chef’s prepare their winning dishes. The clubhouse was jumping with excitement and lots of fun. One member stated, “It seems like happy faces are coming back into the clubhouse and that’s how it was when I first joined HYC.  The entertainment committee did a great job”. 

The four celebrity teams this year were as follows: 

Red Team
Chef “La Empressa Andrea de la Skilletto. 
Chef  “La Capitono and Sous-chef La John Jr. 

Blue Team
Chef Mama Stromboli
Chef Papa Della and 
Sous-chef La Amy

Green Team
Chef Jaqueline Pepin
Chef David al Dente and 
Sous Chef La Claudia

Black Team
Chef Asphalt Gourmet
Chef  Choppin Joplin the Flavor Maven and
Sous-chef  La Liza

Our Master of Ceremony was the  charming and dynamic Tom, and our prestigious judges were last year’s “El Capitano” winner, Angela, our gourmand, Mario, and our devoted Commodore, John. 

With the butane burners blazing and the competition heating up, everyone was advised of the rules, and the chefs prepared their pots and utensils, while they scavenged for special ingredients from the pantry, which had everything needed to prepare great culinary treats.  

There were two rounds of cooking: the first main course was with pork chops, and the second was shrimp. A basket of 3 mystery items accompanied each dish. The Chef’s uncovered the baskets to find marshmallows, ginger snaps and a shot of Grand Marnier liqueur, to be used with the pork chops, and potato chips, a banana and a shot of peach schnapps for the shrimp. If all ingredients were not used in the recipes,  the team would be eliminated. They were given 30 minutes to prepare each dish. When the timer began, there was a flurry of chopping, pounding, slicing and dicing, with each team running to the pantry to get herbs, vegetables and dairy, and their favorite ingredients.  

The delicious fragrance of garlic, onions, and herbs flowed thoughout the clubhouse. The members gathered around each team’s table to watch the Chef’s perform their magic. As the Chef’s prepared their creations, members feasted on large wedges, with sides prepared by our HYC Chef and his team. Everyone was laughing, eating and drinking. Some members even made side bets as to who would be named the Second HYC “El Captiano”.  

The first to be eliminated were the Green and the Red teams but, even though their dishes would not be judged in the second round, they were asked to continue to cook for the members. You heard oohs and aahs as the members tasted all the tantalizing tidbits. The last team to be eliminated was the Black team. Although all of the teams made scrumptious, creative dishes, there could only be one winner and the Judges had a hard time choosing. Can you imagine…Chef Asphalt Gourmet made fresh homemade pasta, which accompanied Chef  Choppin Joplin the Flavor Maven delicious shrimp.

At intermission each Chef came to the microphone to tell their fictitious stories about how they became a Chef. Laughter roared throughout the club as each told their crazy story. The storytelling was as creative as the meals was amazing. And the winner of the 2nd  HYC “EL CAPITANO” was…(drum roll, please), Chef Mama Stromboli  &  Chef Papa Della and Sous Chef La Amy, as their inspiration.                       

It was great to see so many happy faces supporting the teams and participating in this competitive event. Isn’t that what Huguenot Yacht Club is all about?  So hope you enjoyed reading this article and if it enticed you to participate in our next event, please don’t be shy and come join us.  

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