Club Traditions



The Huguenot Yacht Club observes the tradition of ‘dressing ship’ between Club commissioning (mid-May) and Club De-commissioning (mid-October). Dressing ship involves the display of various flags and observing the correct time to raise and lower them (making colors).

The National Flag is flown from the ‘gaff’ position of the flagpole, considered to be the place of honor. The Club Burgee is flown from the ‘masthead’ of the flagpole. In addition the flag of the senior officer present is flown from the starboard spreader.

Members are requested to stand and remain silent during the raising and lowering of the National Flag. 


Yachts and the Shore Station shall make colors at 0800 and at sunset each day between spring Commissioning and De-commissioning. Colors are signaled by the firing of a cannon except on Sunday mornings. On entering or leaving a port before or after the time for making colors, a yacht shall display her flags provided there is sufficient light for them to be recognized. Colors shall be lowered promptly after anchoring or after leaving the port.


The United States Yacht Ensign or United States National Ensign is displayed between morning and evening colors. The burgee is displayed whenever the ensign is hoisted or by day and night. The ensign shall be flown from the stern staff. The burgee shall be flown from the bow staff of a power yacht or the truck of a sailing yacht. The flag size shall be; for the ensign, 1 inch for each foot of yacht length and for burgees and private signals, 1/2 inch for each foot of yacht length.