Commissioning Success

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, Huguenot Yacht Club held their 124th Commissioning despite inclement weather. The Bugler called Officers and Members to Assembly.  As the Flag Officers lined up  near the flagpole, the bagpiper lead the Board of Directors to their stations.

Our Fleet Captain, opened the ceremony by welcoming  everyone to the 124th Commissioning of Huguenot Yacht Club. He then introduced our own HYC Fleet Chaplain, who gave the invocation speech.

The Fleet Captain then proceeded to introduce the Commodore. He gave out numerous awards by calling each individual participant to the podium, but the most notable awards were as follows:

Honorable Mention:  Gloria Head

The Commodore Joseph Brocia Jr. Award:  Jeff Krosche

The Commodore John J. McAuley Award:    John Scagnelli

The Commodore Gerald E. Loehr Award:     Jim Cicalo

The Commodore  Joseph Brendel Award:    Clare Spall

 Presentation of “Silver Anniversary” 25-year Member Plaques

 David Newmark, Iris Vogel, P. Mark Schwab, Donald Dufresne and Frank Mangieri

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