BeachPointAlexaWavingHuguenot Yacht Club welcomes members from reciprocal clubs, guests of our members, and attendees at the many private functions hosted at our club. We are known for our hospitality, beautiful view and peaceful marina. We will do everything possible to make your visit with us enjoyable, and hope your stay with us will encourage you to come back again soon.


Visiting yachtsmen should contact our office at 914-636-6300 to verify reciprocal privileges. Visitors from a recognized yacht club must present their current membership card at check-in. All charges will be billed directly to the guest.

If arriving by sea you may contact our dock staff on VHF channel 73. Please use the call sign “HuguenotYC” when hailing the club to avoid confusion with other clubs using the initials HYC.

Clubhouse Phone: 914 636- 6300
Clubhouse Fax: 914 636-0146
LAT. 40º 53″ 21′ LONG. 73º 46″ 56′

Long Island Sound Western Chart


Our club may be accessed either by passing through the Glen Island drawbridge or sailing around to the other side of Glen Island. Please follow nautical charts for western Long Island sound as there are many rocks in the area.

The Glen Island Bridge will open to a horn signal of one long and one short. Prior to opening, the bridge will respond with the same signal to acknowledge that your signal was heard. Boats approaching the bridge must wait for the bridge to fully open before proceeding. Use caution and always look to see that there is no other traffic approaching from the other side of the bridge. If for some reason the bridge does not respond or your horn malfunctions, the bridge can be reached on VHF channel 13. On rare occasions, if the bridge does not open, use the entrance south of Glen Island.


Our clubhouse is open throughout the year Wednesday through Sunday. Please refer to our calendar (on the right) for bar and dining room hours.

Guest Policies

Guests may use all of our facilities, including bar and food service, pool, and waterfront facilities. We ask that the rules of our Club be observed. Casual attire is acceptable, but we request that shirt and shoes are worn at all times except when in the pool area. Repairs may only be made to visiting vessels with permission from our Dock Master.