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Okay, here we go again… ! So get the boats ready and participate in this tournament for a fun filled day on the water and to brag about your catch at the barbeque.

Attention All Sail Boat Owners: the fishing tournament will be having a separate category and prize for the biggest fish caught on a sailboat, so please call and make your reservation now.

Guidelines & New York State Saltwater Fishing Regulation apply to everyone.

Here are the following guidelines:

The entry fee per person will be $25.00 per adult, $7.00 for children 15 and under. Please specify which boat you will crew with when you are registering. The $25.00 fee will be billed to members individually and members will be billed for their guests.

Any number of children age 15 or younger will be allowed on a boat. Adults are limited to a maximum of 6 per boat.

There is no limit to the quantity of tackle (Rods, Chum, Etc.) used per boat.

The entry fee will include breakfast for all participants, some prizes, and a post-tournament barbeque. Guests attending the breakfast & barbeque who were not included in the crew will have an additional fee of $5.00 per person for the breakfast & $15.00 for the bbq & ($5.00 for children).

There will be prizes awarded for heaviest fish in any of three categories listed as the Striped Bass, Bluefish, and “Other” categories. Fish must be caught on a competing boat during tournament hours only.

The Angler Chairman will oversee all weighing of fish, and his judgments will be final.

Participating boats must have at least one Huguenot member included in the crew.

Breakfast will be served between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. with a brief 20-minute captain’s meeting thereafter to hand out tackle and answer any questions you may have. Boats may leave from the HYC docks only once the signal is given that the tournament has begun, and any boats not back under the Glen Island Bridge and within HYC marina space (including floating docks) by 3:00 pm. will be disqualified. The angler chairman will hold the official tournament time and will be available for time checks and to answer questions throughout the tournament by VHF channel 73 or cell phone 914-557-6674. The post-tournament BBQ will begin at 4:00 p.m.

Only fish of legal size will be considered for heaviest fish in their respective category. (Please check the regulations as they may have changed from last season).

A maximum of four (4) fish per category may be presented for weigh-in per boat (we suggest you take this opportunity to release smaller fish, which will not be allowed to compete for the heaviest fish honors). There will not be an award for the most fish caught.

At no time during the tournament can a second boat come along side a competing boat for any reason. Failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification.

It is impossible to anticipate all scenarios a tournament such as this will present. The Angler Chairman, Bob Sturtevant, will judge any situations not completely covered by the above guidelines at the time they are presented and his judgment will be final.

Please contact Gloria at 914-636-6300 or Bob Sturtevant no later than September 26, 2013 in order to participate. We need to know how much food to buy, so please call ASAP. Your fee will be billed through the club on your next monthly statement.

We look forward to starting the season off with as many participants as possible. It would be great to see crew lists that include women, children, and members without fishing vessels.

Good luck to all,
The Huguenot Yacht Club Anglers Committee

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