The merchandise below is available at HYC.
You can order and pay for it by phone but it must be picked up at the club.

New Merchandise

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Chart Pendant—You keep me on course.Chart Pendant—You are my shining star. chart pendant: You Keep me on courseChart Pendant—You are my anchor. Chart Pendant—New Rochelle Chart (Large)Chart Pendant—Huguenot Burgee (medium)Chart Bracelet—New Rochelle Chart Chart Bracelet—Huguenot Burgee Chart Key Fob—Huguenot BurgeeChart Key Fob—New Rochelle ChartChart Key Fob—Huguenot BurgeeChart Cuff Links—New Rochelle chartSize comparison of pendants with BurgeeSize comparison of pendants with New Rochelle chart



100% Silk scarf, 34" x 34" Huguenot burgee and compass rose. Men's Charles River polarfleece in Navy—Long Sleeve 049 Men's Charles River polar fleece vest in navy Women's cotton polo in black Women's polar fleece in Navy —Long sleeve Men's polyester polo in black —short sleeve


100% Silk scarf, 34" x 34" Huguenot burgee and compass rose. Canvas tote with navy trim and embroidered HYC burgee Canvas tote with red trim and embroidered HYC burgee Adams caps in red or khaki HYC tie (polyester) HYC tie in 100% silk