Veteran’s Day at HYC


To continue our tradition of honoring those who have served, we need a self-sustaining fund to host our Veterans’ Appreciation Day, which will be held on SUNDAY – Sept. 16, 2018.

Historically, we have provided a big breakfast, a hearty lunch, boat rides, entertainment, camaraderie, and bountiful take-home goody bags for approximately 70 vets each year. In the past, thanks to the generosity of many in the community and our members, we have been able to cover our costs and provide the needed manpower to make the day a welcoming success.

Rather than relying on the goodwill of a few members and to simplify the provisioning process, we are asking all of our members to please sponsor/adopt a veteran for the day on September 16, 2018.

Please consider giving a donation of $40.00 per Veteran so we can host them in the manner they deserve.  Many of these guests are disabled, isolated and home-bound, and our single act of kindness has brought great joy to their lives.  They appreciate our generosity and the recognition that they are valued citizens who have sacrificed for the security of our “Great Country”

If everyone contributes just $40.00 we can continue this great HYC tradition to honor our Veterans year after year!!!!

When we receive your donation, we will send you a synopses of the vet you sponsored, detailing their military history.

Please contact  with your donations.

If you want to sponsor more then one vet we would be extremely grateful.

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