Thayer Cup Challenge

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.38.38 PMAfter a thoroughly wonderful winter season of Frostbiting, the hardy sailors and loyal chilly cheerleaders have spoken!

Winner of the Thayer Cup Challenge is the RumDum. This is now HYC’s official cocktail. It’s made with light and dark rum, a bit of citrus, sweetened and finished with a secret ingredient. Submitted by intrepid Frostbiter, Robin. The RumDum offers the best of winter and summer refreshment—warm and toasty as well as cool and tangy. It’s guaranteed to wet your whistle and whet your appetite any season of the year. In a previous life, Robin tended bar at the Cruz Bay Lime Inn on St. John USVI and the RumDum was a favorite, especially on Thursday, live music night with the Cow Bay Cruz Boys.

The winning cocktail was chosen after a season of sampling by HYC Sunday regulars and seasonal party-goers from among memorable sub-missions with mostly nautical names, such as Be Sail Ya, Salty Dog, The Plank and Low Tide.

The Thayer Cup Challenge was named for Commodore A.P. Thayer (1902) who was awarded this now historic cup for service as House Committee Chair in 1901. We know nothing about his drinking habits or why he earned such a grand token of appreciation, but we suspect that after service on the House Committee he would have appreciated a good stiff drink. Bottoms up and enjoy! 

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