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club image 5Huguenot Yacht Club was organized in 1894 as Neptune Yacht Club (after Neptune Island). The Club opened officially on New Year’s Day 1895, renamed in honor of the Huguenots who came to New Rochelle in 1688 from La Rochelle, France. Originally located in two small buildings leased from Adrian Iselin next to what was then a chain ferry to Glen Island, the Club began construction that February on “one of the neatest and most practical houses on the Sound.” The Clubhouse opened May 1895 amid celebrations, including a “stunt race,” whose only condition was that each sloop, catboat and schooner should “carry one or more ladies.” As a founding member of the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound and the Junior Racing Association of Long Island Sound, its mission is to continue the sport of sailing and its traditions.

The club grew in membership and influence through the First World War, hosting visitors to the America’s Cup yacht,Defender (moored in front of the Club for four years after she successfully defended the Cup). The club organized dances and theatrical presentations and earned honors in numerous regattas and races throughout Long Island Sound, all of which were reported on a regular basis by metropolitan area newspapers.


  • 1894 Huguenot Yacht Club is  founded.
  • 1895, August 17, Huguenot Yacht Club held its first annual regatta, open to boats from all clubs,
    HYC 1st Annual Regatta Sailing Instructions
  • 1920s Rowing, Fireworks
  • 1927 Trap Shooting
  • 1939 World War II patrol
  • 1950 Pea Island storm
  • 1965 Jan 16, Clubhouse destroyed by fire. Necessitates purchase of the present clubhouse formerly owned by Lillian Gish. The expanded marina allowed for more members to join.
  • 1973 Can One association was organized by F. Neil Magrath. Three neighboring clubs, HYC, NYAC YC and Glen Island YC formed the association that exists to this day.
  • 1992 Pea Island destroyed by storm.
  • 2000 Formation of Rhodes Fleet
  • 2004 Addition of Lasers to the Frostbiting Fleet
  • 2009 HYC is awarded the New Rochelle Heritage Award